The Angels

The Angels

Is there a more Australian experience than seeing The Angels perform their debut single, ‘Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again’, with the crowd chanting in unison: “No way, get fucked, fuck off!” The Angels have a storied history. And it’s a story that’s still being written by founding members John and Rick Brewster, and singer Dave Gleeson, drummer Nick Norton, and John’s son, Sam, on bass. Thirteen studio albums, eight Top 10 albums, 17 Top 40 singles … but that tells only part of The Angels story. It’s the relationship with the audience that means everything to the band, built via thousands of gigs. An exhilarating exchange of energy. More than four decades into their remarkable journey, The Angels remain fierce and uncompromising. They have always done things their own way. Australian rock legend Jimmy Barnes calls The Angels’ sound “powerful, aggressive and joyous”, adding, “I hope they do it for many more years to come.” That’s the plan.

North Coast

  • Toronto Hotel, Toronto

    Supported by Arley Black + Greg Bryce

    21 November @ 3pm


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