Baby Animals

Baby Animals

Lead singer Suze DeMarchi started singing in local Perth pub bands at the age of 17. As Suze admits – “after the first couple of gigs, I knew that there was nothing else I would rather do. If I never did anything else the rest of my life but record and play live, I’d be happy.”

For the next four years, DeMarchi was in England recording and writing as a solo artist, with EMI records. But disheartened by the record company’s attempt to slide her into a pop career, and missing not working with a band, together with a little encouragement from then manager John Woodruff, she returned to Australia in mid 1989.

On her return she set about forming a new band, fellow Perth musician Frank Celenza recommended his best friend, bass player Eddie Parise DeMarchi approached guitarist Dave Leslie to join the band and finally, Celenza joined as the band’s drummer. November 1989 saw the band’s first gig at the infamous Kardomah Café in Sydney, and the start of constant touring through the city’s pubs and clubs.


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