Boasting over three million listeners per month on Spotify, over 850 million streams across all platforms, and a handful of #1’s and Top Ten hits in countries around the world, Brisbane’s Sheppard have already achieved more than most bands could dream of in their lifetime. The band — now a core three-piece of founding members and siblings George, Amy, and Emma are sounding more assured and effortless than ever. “I think more than ever, we are really confident in our sound,” says Amy.

Sheppard are not a band that’s just handed a song — they write all their own music and pride themselves on being involved in every step of the creative process. Their dream ascent is the result of nothing other than talent, dedication, and damn hard work, a combination that will prove the secret to their longevity, too.

Being family has made Sheppard stronger as a band (additional members Jason Bovino and Dean Gordon still join them on tour and in the studio). “We're stuck with each other, and I think that's really kept us together through the hard times,” says George. “We get along, but we can be honest with each other and have the odd blow up as well,” adds Amy. “At the end of the day, we're family and we've got each other's backs.”


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