Youngn Lipz

Youngn Lipz

Hailing from the streets of South West Sydney, Youngn Lipz debut single “Misunderstood” broke international barriers and took the world by storm, putting Australian Hip Hop and R&B on the map in a way which had never been done before. His incredible vocal ability, unique cadence and raw authenticity have contributed to his meteoric rise.

In just under a year, Youngn Lipz has been able to release a number of certified hit singles and feature on the biggest international collaboration of the year “Rover (Remix)”, cementing his position at the very top of the Australian music scene. Whilst still at the very beginning stages of his career, Youngn Lipz is one of the country’s most exciting talents, bound for international success and global stardom.


  • Rocklily at the Star, Pyrmont

    Supported by TBA

    18 March @ 5:22pm

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